2. Savage Freeport

The Six Saga


We have played Deadlands for a while, however tonight we opened our adventure, in the Old World. Across the veil and in alternate selves, a dream, utterly life-like.

While resting and recently arrived in the Old World pirate city of adventure, Freeport, the characters are in the Fiery Fish Inn.

A mixture of red skinned Azhur humanoids, an Orc, several Half Elves, one human, the party enjoys a meal in the inn until the floor explodes upwards.

Dark Orcs burst into the room and attack. After a battle with steel and iron blades the party shoves dead Orcs aside and look down the dark hole in the floor.

The window shatters behind them, chaos and a battle erupt in the street outside.

The cargo spills off a wagon, the Dark Orcs are outside and trying to steal the cargo.

The party each acquire a possessed weapon (Swords mostly) and are temporarily taken by surprise by the vast power each sword possesses. Overwhelmed by the evil of the Six Swords the party goes on a killing spree. The party kill both the strangely dressed wagon guards (good guys? Not evil anyway) and the Dark Orcs are all savagely killed.

Afterwards the party regains some semblance of self and worriedly discuss what to do with the evil six swords.

Suddenly the party double over and retch, racked in pain, they stumble and …

… awaken in the wild west under a star filled night sky. Was it a dream, an alternate you, or some sick fever dream, only time will tell.

SAVAGE FREEPORT MAP (Right Click & View Image to enlarge)


Spoiler – Players you will see / use your Savage Freeport characters again!



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