Doc Sarah Lynch

Jo's Character - Medical Doctor


Doc Sarah Lynch

Sawbones: they are the doctors of the Weird West. These men and woman don’t have the miraculous power to lay on hands (spells) but are still sought out for their healing abilities. A posse could do well to have a medic among them.

Notes on Healing (Skill):

The Healing skill can be used to treat any wound suffered within the last hour. Each attempt takes 10 minutes.

A character may only attempt to heal fresh wounds on a given patient once within the hour they were sustained. A different character may attempt a Healing roll, but once attempted, that healer has done all he can for that particular patient.

A success on a Healing roll removes one wound, and a raise removes two. Further raises have no effect.

► Modifiers: The healer must subtract the patient’s wound levels from his skill roll. A wounded character trying to heal his own injuries suffers from both effects (his wounds plus the wound penalty to the Healing roll).

Jo’s skill is Healing d8 so as a Wild Card you roll a d6 and a d8 with a target number of 4. A roll of 4 or higher means you heal one Wound (8 or higher heals 2 Wounds).

Healing requires some basic supplies such as bandages and reasonably clean water. If these aren’t available, the healer suffers a –2 penalty to his roll.

► The Golden Hour: After one hour, only natural healing or the greater healing power (spell) can help.

► Incapacitated Patients: If a victim is Incapacitated the healer must first make a Healing roll to remove that state, she may then attempt further Healing rolls to remove actual wounds.


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Doc Sarah Lynch

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