Guess who's coming to Donner?

Part Two


Having survived the horrors of Donners Pass, in the Sierra Nevada Mountains, during the height of winter, and nearly dying from fatigue and hunger, the Posse brings a little peace to the winter lands by killing the Hastings creature.

A golden legend chip is awarded to the posse for their success in lowering the Fear level in the area.

Hooking up with work crews of the Denver Pacific railroad the Posse takes a train westward deeper into California. Their chest of tainted items intact and eager to deliver it and get away from the foul chests contents.

As stated the Posse will take the train to the town of Gamorra and deliver the chest to the Texas Rangers station there. Paid and parting ways with the Ranger, the last of five who started the trip with the Posse, the Posse sets out for new adventure.

However…On the way the train stops for repairs in a town called Hooverville. (Half our party will be gone for this Xmas adventure. Thus why we skipped ahead to Gamorra. The remaining Posse will go through the Xmas adventure in Hooverville).

Refer to the Xmas Adventure log entry (coming after we run the one off game December 24th)!



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