5. From Colorado into Utah

Sister Agnes leads the Posse into Utah towards her convent and the Texas Rangers goal, whatever that might be?

Utah information!

The Utah Territory or rather the nation of Deseret, is the home to the Church of Latter Day Saints led by Brigham Young who serves both as leader of the faith and their fledgling nation.

Points of Interest

St. Mary’s Convent located outside (within viewing distance) of New Durango.

Antelope Island One of larger islands in the Great Salt Lake located on the southeast portion of the lake.

Devil’s Canyon

The Great Salt Lake One of the few salty lakes of the world
Long Drop Canyon

Mouth o’ Hell

The Salt Flats

Skull Canyon


New Durango a small town, made up mostly of Mexican nationalist. A nearby Convent can be seen west of the graveyard. A large ranch house, the Martinez estate, is located here. The Martinez family lost their 16 year old son last Day of the Dead when the dead rose from the graveyards.

Corrine Where both Gentiles and Mormons go to let their hair down without fear of prying eyes.

Faust A small non-Mormon town in southwest of the Great Salt Lake.

Gardnerville A town with big dreams whil most live in homes dug out an old arroyo.

Kenab a small town of ten Mormon family pioneers founded in 1870.

Lewiston A small mining village on the border of Dessert and Idaho.

Mammoth a gold, silver, and ghost rock mining boom town south of Utah Lake.

Mexican Hat


Ogden The last major railroad station until Lost Angels or Shan Fan.

Orderville A Mormon mandated village for the refugees of destitute boom towns.

Overlook Hotel A giant mansion turned hotel run by the oddest and cookyiest family one is ever likely to meet.

Parley’s Park City a resort town for Salt Lake City’s rich and powerful hidden in the mountains.

Planterstown Called Plannter’s Wart by most folk that have to pass through this small town located?? and about ?? miles from Salt Lake City.


Salt Lake City A.K.A. the City of Gloom due to the amount of pollution that hangs over this city along the Wasatch Mountains. It is the capital of the Mormon nation of Deseret and is the most technologically advanced city in the world thanks in part from Mad Scientist / Industrialist Doctor Darius Hellstrommme. The city is also the headquarters of Smith and Robards the famous gizmo and wondrous invention company.

Saint George A small town in the southwest corner of the Utah Territory.

Willowcreek a small Mormon town located in the center of the nation of Dessert.

Willow Springs a small farming town near the Nevada border that served the orginal Pony Express.




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