Update: Rules
How stuff works....

Savage Worlds Quick Cheat Sheet.


The above will be available as a Print out / laminated for your reference while playing.

Note the Soak Rules, Extra Effort Rules, Critiacal Failure Rules and Trait test Rules in particular: I will go over them in detail next game.

And Fear. I will go over that better next game too!

Heroes of Hooverville
The community of Hooverville adopts the Posse!

Hooverville, CA

  • Located in the Sierra Nevada Mountains.
  • The Denver Pacific Rail line runs .5 miles away, passing adjacent to the town.
  • The Posse was laid up here on Christmas Eve and Day when the town was “under siege” by the twisted monstrous Mr Goodman, aka the Granch.

(After successfully saving Christmas for the town, saving them from sorrow, from starvation, and from the vile creature the Granch, the Posse is heralded as heroes, on top of Paul playing the Adventure Card: Folk Hero!)


(For further details on how that came about see: HERE)

NPC’s in Hooverville of note that the Posse met:

  • Marshall Red Ned LeSeig – The town “Sheriff” or Marshall. Doc Lynch saved his life. Red Ned looks like a bit of a ruffian but is pretty mild mannered. (See HERE for NPC details)
  • Theo Geisel and Helen Geisel. They own and operate the Geisel Saloon and Steakhouse. Theo is a bit of a stick in the mud, typical older bartender. Helen is younger and more friendly.

If the Posse returns to Hooverville at any time they are welcomed as Heroes! You always have a place to hang your hat here in Hooverville Pardner!

(Right Click Map & View Image to enlarge)


Silent Night, Hungry Night
Christmas in Hooverville

The Deadlands Christmas one off was written by the guys at Savage Worlds. I tweaked it slightly to make it work with our Posse. (As a GM should do). The Adventure is a fun one. We were missing a few of our normal Posse and only had 7 of us today.

Our Posse is both: headed towards Gamorra to the Ranger Station to drop off their bounty and get paid, and starting the Adventure the Flood.

Merry Christmas and hell ya we gamed on Christmas Eve :)

Pics at bottom of post.


How things went – mostly:

The good people of Hooverville liked Christmas, a lot. But Gerald Goodman, who lived just north of Hooverville, did not. Just why this hate grew in his tiny black heart isn’t important any more, but what he did because of it is the reason for our Christmas tale of horror, woe, and maybe even a little heroism and hope. Before we begin, Marshal, you’ll get the reference fairly quickly as you read this because you’re seeing the words in print. Your party likely will not, and will not even know the name of the creature they fight in the end since there’s no one to name it. That’s good, and the longer you maintain the mystery the better. When the light bulbs do finally blink on over your player’s heads, hopefully it will be a very memorable moment.

It’s Christmas Eve, and the Posse just survived the ordeal in Donner’s Pass, Guess Who’s Coming to Donner? The Posse is travelling on a train (Denver-Pacific) from Donner’s Pass to Gamorra, with the “Chest of Doom”, to the Texas Ranger station, when the locomotive develops, a malfunction. It’s nothing catastrophic, but it must stop in the small town of Hooverville for a few days to make repairs. The train pulls in just after breakfast on a bright snowy day. The railroad (Denver Pacific) offers to let passengers stay and sleep on the cars for free, but there will be no heat and it’s quite cold. Mostly those on the train are workers and the Posse. Some Posse members will decide to stay on the train with the Chest of Doom while the rest head into town. There’s a blanket of snow on the ground and a chill in the air, so the travelers’ best bet is to head on into Hooverville and get a room. Those left at the train will be fine but due to limited supplies some of the Posse needs to go to town. The train has stopped on the far outskirts of Hooverville, CA.


Hooverville: Whether they travel singly or as a group, the heroes eventually discover that Hooverville is in something of a lockdown. The townsfolk have literally barricaded themselves in their homes. Signs of a fight – blood spatters on the snow, shell casings, and a few broken and now boarded-up windows – can be seen up and down Main Street. Signs of life are visible, such as smoke coming from chimneys or furtive glances from behind dark windows, but otherwise the town is dead and silent as a grave. There are people in the homes, but they won’t come out.

A recent raid by the Goodman ranch has taken all of their provisions. When the raiders rode off, the townspeople realized they were without food and began fighting. Town Marshal LeSeig put an end to the fighting just before being grievously wounded, and now the people of Hooverville have holed up in their homes to avoid further violence with their neighbors. There are three primary locations the heroes can visit to gather information.
The Louis Home: Sam and Ethel Louis live with their small daughter Cindy in the first private home the strangers approach. Sam has a shotgun and warns any visitors off his front porch. “We’ve got nothing left to steal!” he yells. If forced to talk, he relates that men from the Goodman Ranch came to town recently and went mad. They shot up the place, invaded every single home, and stole all their Christmas presents and food. He has no idea why. He’s known Goodman for many years, and while few liked him, he was never an outright thief. Other private citizens tell similar stories. Make up more names as needed until the heroes realize there’s no new information to be gained.

The Geisel Saloon and Steakhouse: Theo Geisel runs this small establishment with his wife, Helen. It’s closed and he’s accepting no customers. Geisel isn’t armed, but he resists guests as sternly as possible. He says the Goodman gang came in, drank or stole all the liquor, then took the food they’d stored up for the annual town Christmas feast. They then went on a rampage through the town and broke into all the other businesses and private homes to take their food and Christmas gifts. Geisel has no idea what provoked these men to such action – he knew many of the ranch hands for years. “It was like pure meanness got into ’em and wouldn’t let go til they’d done the whole town harm,” he says.

Mayor Hoover’s Home: The posse might think about talking to the mayor about the situation. If they do, they find his home ransacked and empty. The mayor and his family took off after the attack and haven’t been seen since.

Jail: Town Marshal Ned LeSeig was shot and wounded shortly after the rampage. He’s laid up in his office, barely conscious. (Will give Doc Lynch $50 for heals). He can’t do much, but if the strangers want to help, he’ll authorize an appropriate reward (typically up to $600 for the whole group, about $100 each). “The people here are good people, but now they’re starving. That’ll make ’em ornery and mean. Get that food back and keep that bad side from comin’ out, friends. Otherwise this good little town will turn into just another frontier boomtown without a conscience, and God knows we got enough of those out here.” Ned offers to let the group borrow the town’s last few horses if they need to, but swears to track them down and kill them if they steal the beasts as they might be Hooverville’s only source of food if the town’s stores aren’t recovered.


The Goodman Ranch: Given that all of the food in town was taken by the Goodman gang (or is being hidden and hoarded by the townsfolk), the posse should have little choice but to head out immediately and see about exacting a little justice. If they need a little incentive, tell them it looks like a blizzard is coming and they’ll definitely want to store up with all the goods they can in case they get snowed in. The fable about the ant and the grasshopper might be a good push to those inclined to wait a bit. Or that whole Donner party business a few decades back. Any of the sources can point the group toward the Goodman Ranch. It’s a short five mile trek north of town, just at the foot of a high mountain.

The estate is surrounded by barbed wire, but the gate along the road is wide open. The top of the gate is an arched, metal-worked sign that once read “G.G. Ranch.” The first “G” has fallen off however, and lies half-buried in the snow. On the way in, the posse sees bits of discarded food, a few simple presents, or scraps of wrapping paper lie along the road. A few minutes later, they see smoke on the horizon. It comes from the smoldering ruins of the main ranch house, as well as two bunk houses and a barn. All have been burned, likely last night, and are still quite hot. Around the yard are a score of dead ranch hands. Make the scene as gory and graphic as you wish, but slowly let the heroes realize the ranch hands died by their own hand. It seems they fell to fighting among themselves once they got back to the Double G.

A Notice or Tracking roll reveals that at least some of the ranchers must have gotten away. Sled tracks lead from the smoking barn into the high mountains to the north. A Tracking or Notice –2 roll finds relatively fresh dog tracks pulling the sled. As it’s snowing and some of the tracks are still visible, it’s obvious the tracks are relatively fresh. If the group blows these rolls, they still find the tracks – it just takes them a bit longer. Suddenly the dead remains of the Ranch Hands push up out of the snow and attack the Posse.

Undead Ranch Hands: These zombies can only be killed by head shots.
Attributes: Agility d8, Smarts d4, Spirit d6, Strength d12, Vigor d10
Skills: Fighting d10, Intimidate d10, Notice d10, Stealth d12
Pace: 4 Parry: 5; Toughness: 6
Special Abilities:
• Bite: Str+d6.
• Claw: Str+d6.

Quick Combat vs. Zombies:
Quick and simple system to sum up the results of a fight and still keep a little tension and drama in the scene. No cards are dealt in Quick Combat. Instead, the Game Master sets the scene, then each player chooses the primary skill he wants to use and how he plans to use it. The skill should generally be a combat ability such as Fighting, Shooting, Spellcasting, or the like, but anything is allowed that makes sense and fits the action described.
Each player then rolls the chosen skill and adds or subtracts the following cumulative modifiers:

Quick Combat Modifiers:
Modifier Circumstance
+2 / -2 The party outclasses their foes / the foes outclass or significantly outnumber the party.
Increase this to +4 / –4 if the difference is particularly great.
+2 / -2 The party has a tactical advantage of some sort / the foes have a tactical advantage
The Game Master then interprets and narrates the results, allowing for each character’s intended plan and her player’s input. “Failure” may not mean the hero actually failed in her desired plans, by the way—it may simply mean she took some damage or is affected in some other negative way.
Heroes may spend Bennies to soak damage from failure as usual. Healing abilities (spells, potions, the Healing skill) may be used as well.
• Critical Failure: The hero’s plan gets her into serious trouble. She suffers d3 wounds.
• Failure: The character suffers a wound.
• Success: The warrior manages to get through the fight unharmed.
• Raise: The hero truly shines during the fight. The player and GM should work together to narrate a particularly heroic moment. Afterwards, the hero gets a Benny.


To the Top of Mount Crumpet: Gerald Goodman is slowly and unwittingly selling his soul to Famine. The jealousy in his heart for the good people of Hooverville, the decimation of his herd through the winter due to blight and prairie ticks, and a generally nasty disposition, drew his sleeping mind to the madness of the Hunting Grounds. There Gerald entreated with the most insidious of Manitous, and for the small price of starving an entire town full of generally good people and murdering his own employees, Goodman was promised great power. And with great power comes…a change into a massive, nasty green demon of envy. Goodman infected his own ranch hands with his madness and turned them loose on Hooverville. When they returned, he turned them against one another and reveled in the slaughter. At that moment he suffered a massive metamorphosis into a green, demon-like thing. Goodman lost most of his humanity in that moment. He doesn’t even know his own name. He saw the single remaining G over the gate to his estate and the word “Ranch” and strung them together to call himself “Granch.”. Now the Granch has gathered up the stolen goods, lashed them to his winter sled, and tethered up his corrupted hounds to haul his ill-gotten gains high atop Mount Crumpet. On the way up the mountain side they will have boulders hurtled down at them. Fight off a Wendigo that is tossing boulders.

Wendigo x2

Attributes: Agility d8, Smarts d4, Spirit d6, Strength d12, Vigor d10
Skills: Fighting d10, Intimidate d10, Notice d10, Stealth d12
Pace: 10 Parry: 7; Toughness: 7
Boulder Attack: 3d6 / Claws 2d6

S W W W /// S W W W

The posse can easily follow the tracks, though they might be amazed at some of the crevices and slopes the sled seems to have traversed.


Finally they come to the entrance to a cave overlooking the valley far below, and the still quiet town of Hooverville. The sled and dog tracks lead into the darkness beyond. A few twists and turns into the cavern lead into a large chamber roughly forty feet across. If the group has no light, they hear heavy breathing and smell the odor of wet dog. With light, they just catch a blur of dark brown fur matted with blood and gristle leaping at them through the damp air.

Giant Mastiff: One giant dog, mutated with demonic energy, pulled the Granch and his sled to the top of Mt. Crumpet. The “dog” is ravenous with hunger and cruelty and will attack until dead. It has gnarled horns atop its heads, jagged teeth, and vicious claws.
Attributes: Agility d8, Smarts d4, Spirit d6, Strength d12, Vigor d10
Skills: Fighting d10, Intimidate d10, Notice d10, Stealth d12
Pace: 10 Parry: 7; Toughness: 7
Special Abilities:
• Bite: Str+d6.
• Fear –2: The dog is hideous and covered in blood and chunks of meat.
• Gore: The first round a dog attacks it charges into combat with its ragged horns. This is a wild Fighting attack at +2 to hit and damage (but -2 Parry until its next action).
• Improved Frenzy: the dog can make two Fighting attacks each action without penalty.

Mastiff: S W W W

And To All A Good Fright…

The thing that was Gerald Goodman watches from the back of the cavern. Once the hounds are dispatched, he slithers through the darkness, hiding behind rocks and snow drifts. He hisses at the party. “Merrrry Christmasssss….” Don’t go to initiative, but instead play this one for creeps.

Give the heroes Notice rolls to catch glimpses of the long, gangly, pot-bellied thing. It has greenish fur with yellow slits for eyes, and seems to be wearing the tattered remnants of a red fur coat and cap. The first few attacks may seem to miss – or hit but the effect is unclear in the darkness. Eventually, the thing hisses “Yoooouuuuu cannnnotttt killl meeee! As looong assss Hooovervilllleee hoardsssss….I am invincible….” When the next attack lands, a stray beam of moonlight illuminates the truth. The hideous thing instantly regenerates whatever damage the adventurers manage to inflict! Reveal this with dramatic effect. The Granch rises to its full height in the pale light and roars as the wound closes. The group can see its tattered rags, the green-furred skin, the demonic yellow eyes, and the jagged teeth filthy with gore. (Guts checks all around!) The Granch truly is invincible, so it plays with the group at first, taking only one of its two attacks or just batting them around for pleasure. Let this continue for several rounds. You want the party to feel increasingly desperate here.

When that seems to have sunk in – and maybe a character or two has suffered an “incidental” wound of some severity – the Granch suddenly pauses. On its action it takes a swipe as usual then stops, as if listening. All the heroes can make Notice rolls to hear the sounds of singing in the valley far below. Should anyone be near enough to the entrance to see, the people of Hooverville have built a bonfire and are singing Christmas carols (“Silent Night, Holy Night,” at the moment). Proceed with the combat round after this revelation. Though the Granch is still invulnerable, it definitely feels any further punishment inflicted that round. On its next action, it glares evilly at whoever “hurt” it last and screams “Musssttt killl… themmmm…alll!!!” At that, drop out of combat rounds for a moment to properly set the next scene.

MAP #5 Snowy Hill (Banner Printout)

The Granch races outside and leaps aboard the sleigh, which slowly begins sliding down the side of Mount Crumpet toward Hooverville. The creature is large enough that it can steer the gift and food-laden sleigh much like a child’s sled. The Posse needs to chase the Granch and stop it before it reaches the town. To do this they can try to use their horses but will realize that the horses cannot keep up with the sled the monster is on. There are a bunch of sleds that the Posse can use to chase the Granch! As the people of Hooverville sing – putting aside their worries and fears over the lack of food and gifts – the Granch loses its invulnerability. It’s still a tough old sucker but now it can be killed. Don’t get too technical about the chase itself – this is meant to be a wild and fast-paced ride. On each action, have pursuers make an appropriate roll (Riding for mounted heroes, Agility for those on the Granch’s sleigh or on skis or sleds). Success means they can attack normally (though with the usual –2 penalty for an unstable platform). Failure means they can’t – but describe their experience in quick detail, such as nearly falling off the sleigh, steering precariously around a tree, etc. A critical failure is more disastrous. The hero falls, crashes into a rock or tree, or undergoes some other suitably dramatic tumble resulting in 2d6 damage. Should the cowpoke survive, let him get right back in the action a round or two later by putting his skis back on, “shortcutting” the chase by jumping off a cliff to the trail below, etc. Use your imagination and let everyone who isn’t outright dead get back in on the fun. The goal is to stop the Granch before he gets to town, which takes about 10 rounds (let the posse know this so they’re well aware of the tension). Don’t hesitate to remind them that the moment the Granch breaks up the celebration it’s likely to become invulnerable again as well (it will).

The Granch
The Granch is a 9’ tall, gangly creature with a pot belly, long arms, green fur, and yellow slitted eyes. Its jagged teeth are horrible and filled with all manner of gristly bits. Before mutating into this form, Gerald Goodman was wearing the Santa coat and hat he used to wear for his children, long since left with his estranged wife.

Attributes: Agility d10, Smarts d4, Spirit d10, Strength d12+2, Vigor d10
Skills: Fighting d10, Intimidate d10, Notice d6, Stealth d12
Pace: 8; Parry: 7; Toughness: 9
Special Abilities:
• Fear –4: The Granch is a grisly demon straight from the Abyss wearing the tattered remnants of a Santa suit.
• Improved Sweep: The Granch’s flailing arms can hit all targets within 2” of its body each turn. Ignore any hits beyond the first two—the thin arms lose their momentum after first contact.
• Slap: Str+d6; Reach 2. The Granch’s long arms slap a victim for damage and 2d6” of knockback, even if no damage is actually caused (Shaken or wounds).

Granch: S W W W

MAP – Back to Hooverville!

The Big Finale: There are two ways this could end. The awful ending is still very dramatic and fun – though the party is likely wiped out or has to run away (a wipeout is fun if this was a one shot). The Granch smashes into town on the sleigh in an explosion of stolen food, toys, and presents. It rampages through the townsfolk, massacring them left and right until there’s not a soul left in Hooverville (though a few should escape into the nearby woods).

The happy ending is just as dramatic. The heroes slay the beast before it reaches Hooverville and it explodes in a scintillating burst of green light. The sleigh rumbles on down into town with the heroes in tow (or even better, on board), and comes to rest just before the large bonfire where the citizens have gathered to work out their differences and celebrate Christmas. The posse are hailed as heroes and can begin handing out presents to every Hoo down in Hooverville.

The End…







After this scenario the Posse continues on train to Gamorra. Collect pay from Texas Rangers and get back on train, headed off.

Start the Flood Campaign next time…

Deadlands Miniatures
Some of them anyway....more on the way!





About a dozen more are drying still :) Thanks Waters family for those :)

An Interlude


Jumping around a little. The Posse arrived in Gamorra. After the Xmas Adventure.

After our Xmas Adventure I will give the Posse more details on Gamorra and what new Adventure we will be onto.

The main attraction, in Gamorra, is the Texas Ranger station where the Posse is paid for thier delivery.

There are six main mesas in the area (all named on the map for the dominant power in the area):

1) Gomorra itself: the main town and the one which most closely resembles a “traditiional” Old West area.
2) The Collegium: The mad scientist/steampunk area, the mesa itself having a metallic sheen/covering
3) Soddom: A huge tent city for intransigent miners and workers. The only really notable detail is a baseball diamond which has been chalked in.
4) The Whateley Estate: A sort of stereotypical Old South plantation home belonging to a rich family with some horror/dark magic influences
5) Deadman’s Rest: The huge graveyard of Gomorra. Outside of the graves and mausoleums the only notable details are an abandoned mental hospital to the south and a run down mansion to the north.
6) Sweetrock: The corporate face of mining, a big corporation which has moved into the area and wants to control all mining operations.

Gomorra itself is also split into roughly six districts, roughly split by the roads (currently not named on the map). From due North:

1) Ballot Boulevard: The business focused area; offices, warehouses and the like with few houses.
2) Steam Alley: Tradesman based area, focusing on high quality goods, often of the steam punk/mad scientist variety.
3) Tourists’ Folly: Another shop/tradesman based area although also with a number of saloons, brothels and restaurants, albeit one that focuses on lesser quality goods (although often still at high prices), mainly based on fleecing new arrivals to Gomorra.
4) Miner’s Peril: Similar to Tourists’ Folly in that it contains shops and entertainments but this area is based on providing services to the miners, be it materials or cheap liqueur and women. The most notable building is the large one of many colours just off the square with two fences; this is the Union office and the centre of the Miner’s Union’s power.
5) The Tracks: The most affluent area of Gomorroa containing large, impressive homes and a few shops which cater to such refined people.
6) The Line: The main residential area of Gomorra, for those not rich enough to afford a house in the Tracks but too well off to live in the tent city of Soddom.

Guess who's coming to Donner?
Part Two


Having survived the horrors of Donners Pass, in the Sierra Nevada Mountains, during the height of winter, and nearly dying from fatigue and hunger, the Posse brings a little peace to the winter lands by killing the Hastings creature.

A golden legend chip is awarded to the posse for their success in lowering the Fear level in the area.

Hooking up with work crews of the Denver Pacific railroad the Posse takes a train westward deeper into California. Their chest of tainted items intact and eager to deliver it and get away from the foul chests contents.

As stated the Posse will take the train to the town of Gamorra and deliver the chest to the Texas Rangers station there. Paid and parting ways with the Ranger, the last of five who started the trip with the Posse, the Posse sets out for new adventure.

However…On the way the train stops for repairs in a town called Hooverville. (Half our party will be gone for this Xmas adventure. Thus why we skipped ahead to Gamorra. The remaining Posse will go through the Xmas adventure in Hooverville).

Refer to the Xmas Adventure log entry (coming after we run the one off game December 24th)!

Guess who's coming to Donner?
Part One

We ran 1/2 of the modified game: Guess who’s coming to Donner?

Arriving in the Sierra Nevada mountains area, near Truckee, the Posse exits the underground portal – fights a pterodactyl demon and heads up into freezing weather.

Traveling across the same route as the Donner Party, the Posse encounters adventures, both from the PEG written One Off and my own twisted additions.

Since we had to finish up early, and are not done with the session yet, I will post part two later.

In the mean time I have been working on our Dec 24th game:

A burned down homestead.

ConQuest Avalon Sacramento
Two Posses. One Evil Reverend.

Sacramento California: home of ConQuest Avalon, 2016.

Two Posses. One Evil Reverend.

In addition our game group celebrated my and Paul’s birthdays, thanks! Pizza. A cake that looked like big d6. Nice.

For the Con I ran a one off campaign for Deadlands designed from a Ghoultown song called: The Legend of Everett Sykes.

Taking this song and expanding on it I ran the game: Fury of Hallow’s End two times. Friday and then Saturday.

Friday’s game consisted of some regular posse members, Paul Sam and Henry. Without giving away too much of the meat and potatoes of this scenario the posse took on Reverend Sykes with some dynamite in the final battle.

Saturday’s game was played with four new posse members that I met at the convention, all nice guys who I may never see until the next time in Sacramento, they ended the one off a little differently. The Reverend Sykes was dabbling in necromantic magic and was able to resurrect twice from the dead and keep on fighting the posse. However in the end they took him down again and again until he stay down.

It was very interesting to see two different groups take on the same scenario in similar but distinctly different ways. It also was nice to use four of my new super large maps, for the surrounding area, the town of Fury, the outside of the mines and finally the caverns of Fury.


Till next year thank you friends family and new friends for a great time had at the Con.


6. Dia De Los Muertos
Day of the Dead!

Dia De Los Muertos

Friday the 28th of October, anytime after 5pm. Dinner provided (have drinks too!) along with snacks and candy.

Sister Mary Agnes leads the Posse towards New Durango Utah and the Nun’s Convent.

After action report: Wow! In attendance, myself the Marshall and 12 players!

The Posse traveled from Colorado to Utah, to New Durango. Arriving just in time to celebrate the Day of the Dead festivities all around town. (We even did shots for luck = shot glass with green cool aid in it and a gummy worm, drink and receive a free white fate chip/bennie).

Eat, drink, dance, until a scream pierced the night from the graveyard! Undead crawled up out of their graves! The Posse steps up to rescue the townies and fight zombies! The Posse chases a teenager into the nearby Ranch house and explore the deep dark passages below the house. Finally the kid is put down (he was using some occult book and summoning trouble).

Heading back out the Posse heads to the Convent and behind its adobe walls they defend the townspeople from a large mass of zombies. Finally they prevail and with the Nuns help utilize a holy portal that is located under the church to portal to Nevada.

See you next time Posse!



Next time: Reno Nevada!

A sneak peak to one of 6 new maps I am using in Sacramento for ConQuest Avalon:

5. From Colorado into Utah

Sister Agnes leads the Posse into Utah towards her convent and the Texas Rangers goal, whatever that might be?

Utah information!

The Utah Territory or rather the nation of Deseret, is the home to the Church of Latter Day Saints led by Brigham Young who serves both as leader of the faith and their fledgling nation.

Points of Interest

St. Mary’s Convent located outside (within viewing distance) of New Durango.

Antelope Island One of larger islands in the Great Salt Lake located on the southeast portion of the lake.

Devil’s Canyon

The Great Salt Lake One of the few salty lakes of the world
Long Drop Canyon

Mouth o’ Hell

The Salt Flats

Skull Canyon


New Durango a small town, made up mostly of Mexican nationalist. A nearby Convent can be seen west of the graveyard. A large ranch house, the Martinez estate, is located here. The Martinez family lost their 16 year old son last Day of the Dead when the dead rose from the graveyards.

Corrine Where both Gentiles and Mormons go to let their hair down without fear of prying eyes.

Faust A small non-Mormon town in southwest of the Great Salt Lake.

Gardnerville A town with big dreams whil most live in homes dug out an old arroyo.

Kenab a small town of ten Mormon family pioneers founded in 1870.

Lewiston A small mining village on the border of Dessert and Idaho.

Mammoth a gold, silver, and ghost rock mining boom town south of Utah Lake.

Mexican Hat


Ogden The last major railroad station until Lost Angels or Shan Fan.

Orderville A Mormon mandated village for the refugees of destitute boom towns.

Overlook Hotel A giant mansion turned hotel run by the oddest and cookyiest family one is ever likely to meet.

Parley’s Park City a resort town for Salt Lake City’s rich and powerful hidden in the mountains.

Planterstown Called Plannter’s Wart by most folk that have to pass through this small town located?? and about ?? miles from Salt Lake City.


Salt Lake City A.K.A. the City of Gloom due to the amount of pollution that hangs over this city along the Wasatch Mountains. It is the capital of the Mormon nation of Deseret and is the most technologically advanced city in the world thanks in part from Mad Scientist / Industrialist Doctor Darius Hellstrommme. The city is also the headquarters of Smith and Robards the famous gizmo and wondrous invention company.

Saint George A small town in the southwest corner of the Utah Territory.

Willowcreek a small Mormon town located in the center of the nation of Dessert.

Willow Springs a small farming town near the Nevada border that served the orginal Pony Express.



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